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Send Books to Inmates to Help Them Lead A Better Life

best books for inmates

Prisons are not only to punish the inmates, but also to reform their behavior so that they lead a meaningful life once they are out from the prison. As part of this reading books and education is encouraged in prisons and studies also show that who have participated in this program are less like to repeat incarceration. However, most of the prison inmates spend their time in playing sports, watching TV or doing workouts and read no more than 3 books on average in a five year jail term. So to inculcate that reading habit in the inmate’s prison allows family members to send books to inmates that would be more personal and encourage them to read books more often that were sent by their family. Reading books surely open doors to knowledge and have the power to change lives that can surely bring a change in the prison inmates.

How to Send Books to Inmates
You can send books to inmates on topics they show interest to read by browsing the different categories from the online stores that facilitates sending books to inmates. You can go through a collection of biographies, Bible, body, mind & spirit, career books, comic books, sports magazines, newspapers, fiction, education, personality development books and so on that keeps their mind engaged with constructive thoughts. The inmates can in fact wander through the world in mind reading books, though they are locked up behind the bars. By enhancing their skills and qualifications by reading books they can surely find a better life out of the prison to easily mingle in the society to lead a quality life. Almost 25% of the young prisoners who end up in prison have some reading disability and by inculcating that habit in prison, they are less likely to turn up to jail after completing the prison terms.
prison inmate magazines
You can send books to prison inmates through the online bookstores who take up your order and send books to the respective prisons. However, you should note that the prison has every right to reject an order based on the bad behavior of the inmate or the publications and content which all undergo a review before handed over to the prison inmate. In such circumstances of rejection, you shall get a full refund from the online bookstores. So you can encourage any of your family members in prison by sending books that would 100% prevent recidivism as books surely change the way they think and help them to lead a better life once out from the prison.

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